okay i said i was using a different account(i am) but today i found a comic my middle school internet gf wrote about me losing my virginity and I really need for more than 9 people to see it

im done with this account. i’ll probably get a new one


when u come see my corpse closer youll kiss my forehead and then notice my middle finger is still up and youll kiss it too

Watching a hostage situation

Work place mishap or pathetic cry for help?

new movies comin out


  • Freddy vs. Signs
  • Freddy vs. Lion King
  • JJ
  • JJ Dies
  • Evil Lion King
  • Scutay
  • RRosay
  • Js (short for junkies)
  • SIgns 2 :Espn vs Signs
  • Defeating Depression

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